esports betting

There’s a couple different types of betting out there. The most common for esports is a CSGOLounge style where you are betting against other people. This is represented by value of skins on each side of a bet. The winning side then splits the other side based on the value of the skins that they risked. The percentages are dynamic and can change even after putting a bet in. You can also withdraw or switch your bet at any time.

On a sportsbook such as the “odds” will be represented differently because you are betting against the house at this point. While there will be value on BOTH sides, once you lock in your bet at certain odds you will receive those exact odds upon winning. The odds do not change for your bet and you can not cancel your bet. Below I’ll breakdown what you’re looking at on a sportsbook.

1. This is called a spread. This means that Secret Fe is getting +10.5 rounds. This means that their final round total+10.5 has to be greater than Penta’s final round total for the bet to win. A spread is done to give even odds on both sides meaning if you bet .25 bitcoin on Secret Fe +10.5 and they get more than 6 rounds (6+10.5=16.5 which is greater than anything Penta can get) then you will win .25 (your original wager) PLUS .25 (your winnings).

2. ML=Moneyline. This is a straight bet on who will win the game. Here we see Secret Fe has odds of 9.813 which means if they win, you’ll get 9.813x your wager back.

3. This is called a TOTAL bet. You are betting on the TOTAL number of rounds being over or under the set amount. In this example the total is 22.5 and the odds are close to even on each side. If we think 16 to 6 means the TOTAL is 22, the under wins. 16 to 7 means the TOTAL is 23, the over wins because it’s higher than 22.5

4. 1.599 is a decimal odd. In general decimal odds are easiest to understand but the American odds can be seen in the parenthesis here. They both mean the same thing, the amount you will win if your wager wins. If we bet Secret Fe +10.5, the decimal odds are 1.599. That means we will get 1.599xour wager back. If our wager is .25 bitcoin, we will receive a TOTAL of .39 bitcoin back when we win. That is .25 (original wager)+.14 (winnings) back.

5. 9.813 is a decimal odd again. This one is for the Moneyline wager which is a straight wager on who will win. It’s equivalent to a ~10% winner on CSGOLounge. If Secret Fe win the match, we will receive 9.813xour wager back.