EU LCS Week 3 Day 2

EU LCS Week 3 Day 2 Optimal Lineup

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Average, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)

Top: Steve(21.64):  I realize Steve is coming off a rough loss and performance as well as going up against Origen.  Origen has not been great against opposing top laners and actually averages over 20 pts to enemy top laners.  That being said I picked Steve for the value, even if he gets closer to 15 fpts he is worth it for only 5,200, especially this week where a
lot of the normally cheaper players are priced quite high.

Jungle: Jankos(21.77):  Playing great right now, going against Roccat.  Jankos is an easy pick even if he’s projected under Trick and costs more.  He has passed the eye test and H2K played pretty clean today despite having a new midlaner.

 Powerofevil(23.76): Elements looked awful yesterday, POE looked good and Elements gives up upwards of 27 fpts on average to opposing mid laners.  With a match up like that and a CV of only .35 I don’t care what he costs I want POE on my rosters.

ADC:  Forgiven(28.81): Consistent, high average and Roccat is the worst team against ADCs, giving up 29.20 fpts on average and allowing opposing ADCs to perform above their own average by 8.10%.  All this to say I think Forgiven will dominate, the only fear is that H2K wins too quickly or wins on macro play alone but it is a risk I’m willing to take.

 Hyllisang(16.57): Value pick here, G2 may have just knocked off Fnatic but UoL has looked alright and I think they have plenty of talent to go head to head with G2 and Hyllisang is a solid pick at only 5,200.  G2 is middle of the pack against opposing supports and Hyllisang is a bit of a wildcard so hope for the higher end of his spectrum for this low cost.

Flex: Sencux(22.19):  I swear I’m not just chasing points here. Fnatic holds enemy mid laners just a shade below their average but allows just above 20 fpts a game to them.  If you ignore the first few weeks of Sencux finding his footing in his rookie season I think he can still put on a good showing even against a top team like Fnatic.  We saw them bleed yesterday to a team I think Splyce outclasses in the long run.  At $6,000 I’d much rather take Sencux in a tough match-up than spend $7,200 on Perkz and have to take that risk and skimp elsewhere.

Flex: Trick(23.51): Seems counter intuitive to pick up the jungler of a mid centric team but not the mid.  Trick is here because for some reason he is still less than $6,000.  Yes junglers score lower because they get less CS but Trick has averaged 23.44 FPPG with a .40 CV and goes against a UoL team that tends to let junglers perform slightly above their average.  At $5,700 Trick is a rare occasion that I will take a position other than ADC or Mid in my flex.

H2K: I hate spending 5,000$ on a team but any team cheaper just isn’t safe.  I like to pick winning teams and at this time the lines say stay away from anyone below H2K salary wise.  That being said if you feel confident I would lean G2’s way and that would save you 700 to spend elsewhere. Combine that with the $200 leftover and you can upgrade Sencux if you’re afraid of the match-up.