EU LCS Week 4 Day 1

EU LCS Week 4 Day 1

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Average, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)


Top- Vizicsacsi(23.83): Despite the loss of Diamond and the addition of the infamous ” Hi it’s Rudy” I think UoL as a whole has a good match up.  Vizi is decently consistent with a CV of .49 and an average just above 20 but has a great match up against Roccat that gives up the most points in the league to opposing top laners.  For 6,600 he has a great value.

Jungle- Trick(25.38): Still cheap, still good.  I’m riding the G2 hypetrain, I think they have a talented shot caller in Kikis and some really good talent surrounding Perkz who is quickly becoming a star.  I’m not saying I believe they will win but I do believe there is a good chance and even in a loss I think they can keep it close.  Trick has played very aggressive bruiser/carry junglers which means he happens upon kills more often than the tank/vision style junglers.  He has averaged just under 25 FPPG and has scored above 30 twice, above 25 twice and it has only been 6 games.

Mid- Perkz(32.03): Pure talent and confidence, watching some behind the scenes of G2 they definitely give him more freedom than a lot of teams will meaning he will almost always be on comfort champions and match ups.  He is averaging 32.04 FPPG and has only had one bad performance, take away the one 7 point week and he averages 37.7 FPPG.  Origen holds mid laners to just a shade under their average and I think at 7,100 Perkz is great value even if he doesn’t reach the projected score.

ADC- Zven(25.89): G2 has looked good but they have allowed some decent points against and even allowed Adryh to perform well above his standards.  Similar reason to wanting the G2 players I think this game will be close and long and I think win or lose Zven will play well.  Averaging just below 27 points for game and mid tier for consistency Zven should play well in this tough but even match up.  Hopefully Origen knows to ban Lucian against Emperor or at least have a plan to stop it.

Support- Hyllisang(19.79): Decent value, good match up.  Not one of my favorite players to pick because I fear for his very low point floor but other than his one misstep this season he has played well and is definitely worth 5,900.  As I said in Vizi’s explanation and will say in Fox’s, Roccat is a good match up for all of UoL, just depends which positions you are going to pick.

Flex- Fox(26.10): Roccat leads the lead with points allowed to Mid.  They are only a shade ahead of Giants but when both are above 30 it doesn’t really matter.  His inconsistency scares me but I can’t stay away from him as I believe this game could either be a blow out for UoL or a blood bath both of which benefit Fox.  He has a high ceiling that I hope he gets close to this game.

Flex- Amazing(19.74): I normally wouldn’t turn to jungler for flex but this is a pretty expensive line-up and no ADC/Mid were cheap enough or promising to fit this spot.  I figure in a game that I think will be close I might as well grab a cheap jungler.  G2 pretty much allows junglers to perform to their average and Amazing averages slightly below 20.  For 5,500$ I think he can easily get you your money’s worth and his inconsistency could actually work for you in this case.

Team- Origen/G2- Honestly both of these teams fit the roster but I am torn on who to pick as the winner.  I think Origen has in the past been a pretty good macro team but has seemed to falter recently.  G2 actually is a higher scoring team in fantasy but the odds favor Origen and I like to pick winners.  I will be picking Origen but either will probably do decent for you.  Anything cheaper I can’t see buying except maybe Roccat though I think they might suffer with Tabzz as ADC because they truly have no carry style players left.