EU LCS Week 4 Day 2


EU LCS Week 4 Day 1

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Average, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)


Top- Viziscacsi(19.07): Very little value in top lane.  Vizi is on the more consistent side for a Unicorn, my biggest worry is Cabochard’s ability to play just about anything, hopefully Vizi can pull out something fancy as well.

Jungle- Trick(25.74): He has one of the highest KP% in the league and still has a .37 CV.  He plays aggressive junglers and is a magnet for kills/assists.  He has finally risen in price but is definitely still worth it.

Mid- Perkz(31.15): Had a relatively pedestrian day today, at least by his standards.  Despite the below average score he played well and even sort of 1v3ed POE on Corki as Ahri.  He has not lost any confidence and he’s still willing to make the big plays.  I expect another big game from him going against Splyce as this is an opportunity for him to solidify himself as the next big EU mid laner instead of Sencux.

ADC- Forgiven(26.22): One of the most trustworthy players in the game right now boasting a .33 CV.  His ability to CS alone makes him a great buy.  The biggest fear here is that Elements will continue to just roll over when losing which will net him less Kills/Assists.

Flex- Selfie(28.18): Elements is third worst against Mids in the league.  They average giving up 26.51 ppg to opposing mid laners and allow them to score a massive 5.55% higher than their average.  Selfie has looked good and with each win/game he gets more comfortable.  He has a great match up and I can see him being one of the highest scores of the week as long as Elements is willing to play.

Flex- Rudy(17.40): Hi it’s Rudy, yep I’m grabbing this infamous jungler but I think he has an advantage as a relatively unknown jungler and in his first game he looked pretty solid, albeit against Roccat.  You needed to save money somewhere and Rudy is my favorite candidate for a surprise big game.  Vitality has had their ups and downs and I think UoL is the type of team that can surprise them.

Team- Giants: Could not afford any of the favored teams, I think Giants has a chance to upset Origen as long as they don’t play so defeated.  My hope is they can at least make a game of it.  But for 3,300 I’ll take the chance of a dud.