EU LCS Week 5 Day 1

EU LCS Week 5 Day 1

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Assist, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)


Added 12 hours before game time to allow rosters to finalize.

Top: Odoamne(25.05): Highest projected Top Laner with good value as well.  A solid player with .50 CV but misses high as much as he misses low.  He has scored above 20 Fantasy  Points five of his eight games and two of those games were 41 and 47.  He has a decent match up but I see both sides giving up more points than normal as this game could be very close and messy.

Jungle: Trick(24.02): G2 continues to play well and Trick is a very large part of this.  Trick has one of the highest KP% in the game at 73.5 and G2 has the highest average kills per game in the EU LCS.  These stats combined with the fact that he has the highest average of all junglers in the EU LCS while still maintaining a .37 CV means Trick will always be worth it if he continues to be priced this low.

Mid: Perkz(29.18): The only player the EU LCS to average above 30 PPG at 31.33 with a CV of .47.  Despite the match up against Vitality who holds most mid laners well below their average, Perkz will be well worth the 7,700 even if he performs below his average.

ADC: Forgiven(26.42): Mediocre match up against UoL who keep ADCs slightly below their average and only give up 18.97 PPG to opposing ADCs.  That being said Forgiven has continued being a monster and still boasts a CV of .33 with an average of 26.66.  He has been a little up and down lately but is coming off a monster game in Day 8 putting up just under 40 points and as I said in Odoamne’s explanation I think this game will be long and messy which should allow Forgiven to hit his late game spike and take over.

Support: Hylissang(18.89): As with every week I buy Hyli, it’s for the value.  He continues to be under priced even for a support.  At 4,800 in a game that looks as though it will be bloody considering Unicorns are the second highest KPG under G2 by a fraction and H2K is only a few below at 12.75 KPG.  A lot of chances for Hyli to fall into points whether or not he plays well and at 4,800 he doesn’t need many to be worth it.

Flex: Viziscasci(23.00): Unicorns as a whole were low priced because of their match up with a top tier team like H2K.  They have been pretty oppressive this season but I think UoL is the type of team that plays fast and unpredictable that H2K will not be able to settle in and choke them out.  Win or lose UoL should come across some kills and Vizi has averaged 24 PPG which is on the high end for top laners.  One of the best value buys if UoL can step up and play H2K close.

Flex: Steeelback(25.79): I will not repeat my expected game script for H2K vs UoL but know it is a large reason for Steeelback being picked as well.  Ignoring match up or game script Steeelback is a nice wild card, he is inconsistent but has a very high average and one of the highest single game point total of the season(50.92).  A good flex play with a little risk for only 6,700.

Team: Splyce: Origen has continued to look bad while Splyce has shown a little growth, definitely a good low priced team to buy in on.