EU LCS Week 5 Day 2

EU LCS Week 5 Day 2

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Average, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)


Added 12 hours before game time to allow rosters to finalize.

Top 5 Projected

  1. Steeelback(25.87)
  2. Betsy(25.53)
  3. Fox(24.02)
  4. MrRallez(23.97)
  5. Perkz(23.83)

Top 5 Value Picks(DPP)

  1. Betsy(274.2)
  2. Odoamne(274.3)
  3. Steeelback(274.4)
  4. Vander(284.3)
  5. Spirit(286.7)

Top 5 Personal Favorties

  1. Betsy: Even in losses he has played well.  They just lost to Giants leaving them tied for last place but I don’t think that should make us forget that Elements is also playing quite poorly.  Betsy has a great match up with Elements allowing just under 30 PPG and 6.71% above average to opposing mid laners.  I expect a similar game as yesterday versus Giants but hopefully a little better as I think Roccat could bounce back and win against Elements.
  2. Steve: On the other side of this battle of the bottom tier there are also some good picks.  I could’ve said all Elements but I’ll pick Steve as I think he is the most stable.  None of them have good CV’s as they are inconsistent as a team but watching Steve he is a pretty solid player.  I think with this soft opponent giving up 27.30 to opposing mid laners and allowing them to score 8.54% higher than their average Steve should be a good pick.  Even at a low projection of 21, which I think he can eclipse, he has good value.
  3. Jankos: He looked incredible today and I think his aggressive play style, although similar to G2 Trick’s, will escalate this game quickly.  I don’t expect a clean score from Jankos but I think he’ll be involved in a lot of the action and G2 should rebound a little and play H2K pretty close.  Both these teams are on the high end of kills per game and Jankos has been a pretty reliable player thus far.
  4. Cabochard: He is projected slightly lower than I would expect but he scored well last time against Origen and I think Vitality has improved while Origen has stayed mostly the same.  He is priced very low and I bet he gets above 25 points which would place him much higher in terms of value.  I think this is the type of game when Vitality relies on Cabo to carry because of the match up he has against sOAZ who has been pretty underwhelming.
  5. Spirit: After week 1 Spirit has been solely on aggresive high damage junglers.  This seems to part of Fnatics strategy and that leads Spirit to being great for fantasy as he is part of early kills and actually gets a good share of the economy.  Other than Trick, Spirit is the highest % of Team Fantasy points for all junglers.  It seems as though the mentality for Fnatic has changed from objective control and clean calculated wins to just brute force destroy the other opponents will to fight.  This is seen in the most recent Life of Legends episode and in their play.  I like Spirit this week solely on the way Fnatic seems to be playing currently.