EU LCS Week 6 Day 1

Daily lineup suggestions will be post ~12 hours before game time. Remember to check out the projections and use the Dollars Per Point values to help make decisions!

NA LCS Week 5 Day 2

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Assist, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)

Disclaimer: This is not a lineup, these are highest projected and best value players. If you have money to spend look to the highest projected, if you have to save money somewhere look at the best value.  If you are having trouble filling that last plug and play spot look at the personal favorites.

Top Five Projected 

  1. Fox(31.19)
  2. Steeelback(29.79)
  3. Perkz(29.79)
  4. Vizicsasci(27.04)
  5. Emperor(25.07)

Top Five Value(DPP)

  1. Trick(253.0)
  2. Perkz(258.4)
  3. Fox(266.1)
  4. Viziscacsi(273.6)
  5. Steeelback(278.6)

Top Five Personal Favorites

  1. Cabochard-Cheap because of his match up but Vitality has been improving quickly and Cabochard is talented.  At 6,000 for salary I’m definitely buying him in some lineups.  I think this could be a close game.  His CV gets lower each game meaning he is becoming a lot more consistent as the season progresses, Vitality is not afraid of carrying through top lane and as we have seen recently Cabo has stepped up when it was needed.
  2. Sencux-Stats are against him because of his low average but I don’t think Roccat can keep him down.  We’ve seen glimpses of his true talent and I think we’ll see a lot of that this week against a Roccat team that averages 31.72 points to opposing mid laners.  He is pretty accurately priced so don’t take him for a value pick but I would expect solid points from him.
  3. Fox-Fox has been a monster lately and I doubt Giants will slow him down.  UoL will be very popular and he is very expensive but I don’t think you can avoid him, at least in some of your lineups.
  4. Perkz-Played amazing his second game against H2K and Fnatic has faltered slightly.  FNC has played a little more aggresive lately which leads to points for both teams.  I like G2 players a lot this week and especially Perkz.
  5. Hybrid- With player like Hylissang super high priced because of their match up I think Hybrid is a better support to look to as he is priced low but has been playing great.  On a team that looks like it could be the best in EU I’ll take Hybrid at 5,400 over Hyli at 6,200 just because of a soft match up.