NA LCS Week 3 Day 1

NA LCS Week 3 Day 1 Optimal Lineup

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Average, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)


Top- Hauntzer(25.81):  Hauntzer has been playing like a legend lately, he’s incredibly consistent with an insane CV of .16 and costs 6,900.  Very comparable to Huni this week, Huni has the softer match up against Renegades but I suspect C9 vs TSM to be a closer game and closer games normally lead to more potential Fpts.  I lean Hauntzers way because of the flexibility it gives for the rest of the roster.

Jungle- Dardoch(22.46):  Dardoch is ridiculously talented and one of the most intelligent players in the jungle righ now.  I think Liquid will only improve and he is priced so low right now. NRG allows most junglers to perform to their standards.  They held Reignover 2.72% below his average but that was still 23.46 points.  They allowed Kirei to put up 26.46 against them.  I think with more time to improve Liquid will play well against NRG and Dardoch is going to be a large part of it.


Mid- Fenix(26.79): Fenix has finally rebounded, he has not looked like himself but this week he has a favorable match-up. We all know GBM is talented but as a team NRG has allowed Shiphtur to score 43 pts and Pobelter 33.  Their opposing mid average is held low by Alex Ich’s poor performance.  Despite his seemingly slow start Fenix has actually accumulated a solid amount of pts in 3 out of 4 of his games.  Averaging close to 27 FPPG and only 6,100 this week I have faith in Fenix.


ADC- Piglet(30.32): Yes this is a Liquid stack, they’re underpriced this week and Piglet has looked very good this season so far.  He has struggled because of his team but they seem to stay competitive through all these roster changes.  This week I expect Piglet will be a little more relaxed with another week of practice with this roster.  Matt has been a nice surprise and hopefully he can facilitate Piglet into carry mode.  His inconsistency is worth taking as I don’t see this game ending without blood spilled on both sides, win or lose Liquid has been able to put up points.


Support- Adrian(26.47): Highest projected and best value, Adrian is an all around all-star and has been playing the best League of his career.  The only fear is they will end too quickly but Renegades has showed that they’re not willing to just be slowly suffocated on the map and are willing to try(and most likely fail) to make plays which will hopefully lead to kills on the side of IMT.  


Flex- KEITH(29.46): Scariest pick for me as he is playing CLG but even CLG has shown they have weaknesses.  Keith has been playing stellar and Echo Fox substitutes are talented in their own right.  With Froggen sidelined I think they will funnel resources into Keith and as long as they don’t get completely outsmarted in the macro game Keith should have a solid outing.  At 6,700 he won’t even need to hit his lofty projection to still be worth the investment in your flex.


Flex- Wildturtle(34.92): A very large investment that I tend to avoid but these are the luxuries I can afford when finding so much value elsewhere.  If Liquid players pan out Turtle is where you look for that boost.  He is 8,900 but is also averaging just below 32 fpts a game and going against a Renegades team that has it’s third ADC of the season playing.  OHQ may be the best ADC in NA right now but with very little experience with Remi and haven’t not played competitively yet I still give Turtle the edge with this team full of talent backing him.

Team- Team Liquid:  They’re very cheap, the lines are leaning heavily in NRG’s favor which is normally not my goal when picking teams but they’re the only team that fits this roster that I think has a decent chance of winning.