NA LCS Week 3 Day 2

NA LCS Week 3 Day 2 

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Average, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)


Top- Hauntzer(24.40):  He had a down day yesterday but he still looked good and TSM as a whole looked solid.  Despite having a world champ in their top lane NRG actually allows opposing top laners to perform almost 5% above their average.  With Hauntzer posting four straight weeks in the 20’s, two of which were 29, I think he should have a solid outing and is a good value at 6,200.

Jungle- Dardoch(25.35): Team Liquid came through big yesterday for my roster.  Dardoch and crew looked even better and going up against TiP today I think they’ll continue to do well.  As I said yesterday Dardoch may the most intelligent jungler in NA and hopefully he continues to prove it.  The only fear here is TiP losing to quickly but as we have seen their roster is finally becoming solid and Seraph has provided a boost so I actually see this game being quite close which should boost the value of TL players.  5,800 is way to low for Dardoch but I don’t see it staying this low for long so buy him low while you can.

Mid- Shiphtur(27.30): Shiphtur is a risky pick pretty much any week, not only is he inconsistent but Dignitas seems to defy logic both for better and for worse.  Today I have faith in Shiphtur because he is up against C9.  I believe Jensen is a talented player but not so good that he will shut down Shipthur.  Cloud 9 is relatively mid centric which ends up benefiting both mid laners as it becomes a very safe/farming lane.  Cloud 9 does keep opposing mid laners slightly below their average but they allow over 21 pts a game to opposing mid laners and just allowed Pirean to go off for 32.  Shiphtur has a very high average boosted by some insane games, at 6,600$ I’m willing to take the risk that today is one of those games.

ADC- Piglet(32.71):  The second highest projected ADC only below Wildturtle.  Piglet at 7,700 or Wildturtle at 8,900?  Both have easy match ups but I just don’t see Turtle outscoring Piglet by so much to make the 1,200 more salary worth it.  As much as I believe Wildturtle will have another great game the price will suffocate the rest of your roster.  Piglet has been very consistent(CV=.38) and at 7,700 he is the second best value buy this week only below Dardoch.

Support- Kiwikid(17.78):  Purely a value pick, if I want the rest of this roster I needed to save money somewhere.  I think Kiwi is actually a decent buy at 4,900.  Just like Shiphtur he is very inconsistent(CV=.68) but that means he has high highs and low lows.  Hope for a high or at least a medium, anything in the upper teens to low 20s will make Kiwi a solid pick.

Flex- Bjergsen(28.90): The Bjerger king for 7,200? Hell yes.  With and average of 27.47 and a coefficient of variation of only .16 this is a no brainer.  I think this may be the lowest you’ll see Bjergsen priced at possibly all season.  His insane individual talent allows him to accrue fantasy points even in losing.  He has near perfect creep score by 10 minutes and is almost always top 3 in CS by the end of the game.  There isn’t much more to say than he’s incredibly good and if you have watched him you’ll know he is easily worth 7,200.

Flex- Fenix(29.36):  It’s the same Liquid stack as yesterday.  They have another good match-up and I think they have an insane amount of confidence right now.  Fenix has been pretty solid all season and I think he’ll continue today.

Team- TSM: I’m a fan boy, I’ll admit it, always have been but I’m taking them this week because they’re very open about their intent to control barons and play a solid macro game.  This combined with Svenskeren having the tendency to be aggressive early means they have a good chance for first blood and a lot of objectives.  They have a good chance of winning and they are not too expensive.  Ride the wave boys.