NA LCS Week 4 Day 1

NA LCS Week 4 Day 1 Optimal Lineup

Draftkings Scoring(3 PPK, -1 PPD, 2PPA, .02 PPCS)

Top- Impact(22.99): Had two down weeks, the one against Immortals did not surprise me but the one against TL was worrisome, though the young squad for Liquid has been impressive. Luckily he bounced back and put up a huge game against TSM.  I know TSM looked bad that game but I think NRG will ride that momentum into a good week of practice and come out hot.  He doesn’t have a stellar match up against Impulse but with Seraph leaving and Feng coming back I think TiP will falter again without their only half decent shot caller.  At 6,600 and going against a team that gives up just under 20 a game I think Impact will breach that mark and turn out some good value.

Jungle- Reignover(26.05): CV of .16, this guy has not scored under 20 fantasy points all season and for the most part he scores well above it.  Immortals versus CLG could turn out to be a close game hopefully relatively high kill.  Again not the softest match up but CLG has allowed junglers to perform above their standards, I just believe they have had a soft schedule in that role.

Mid- Fenix(31.46): Aside from one down week Fenix has been a monster.  That on top of the fact that Liquid with it’s talent has looked incredible makes Fenix a favorite of mine this week.  Last week I Liquid stacked both days and it worked, nothing has changed except the opponent.  While Dignitas has had it’s flashes of being a solid team, they still give up 23.42 fpts per game to opposing mid laners and allow them to perform above their average.  He is relatively consistent and only 7,500 making him a must start this week.

ADC- Freeze(23.72): Freeze is my dark horse this week.  He has quietly averaged 22.91 points per game, albeit with very high variance, but we know the talent is there.  I’m banking on a little bit of honeymoon phase for the renegades with their new support.  I don’t think Freeze and Remi ever had sufficient time to build any true synergy so I don’t believe a switch will hurt him.  Watching Hakuho in the challenger series playing for Dream Team, he looks pretty solid.  I think he may be a nice shakeup for the Renegades group and Freeze could post some solid numbers this week. The selling factor was the fact that he is facing Cloud 9 and even though I consider Sneaky a top ADC in NA they give up just under 25 ppg to enemy AD carries.  Freeze averaging close to 23 ppg and C9 allowing ADCs to perform well makes me think for 6,700 Freeze could be a steal.

Support- Adrian(22.10): At this point legitimizing Immortals players is just useless.  Day in and day out they post up points, even when they win “cleanly” they post up insane numbers.  high average, mediocre match up and a decent price makes Adrian a good pick.  You may be able to find better value elsewhere but at this point you have the money to pay for the high point floor.

Flex- Dardoch(26.36): I can’t say enough about this guy, I love watching him play, he’s incredibly intelligent probably more than any of us can tell from the outside and despite being extremely young and new to the scene he has the mental fortitude of a seasoned pro.  He doesn’t tilt, he has great synergy with his top lane and each week get’s better with his mid.  This week he is on par with Reignover and that says a lot.  CV of .38 and a good match up against DIG and he is still only 6,000.  Love me some Dardoch.

Flex- Pobelter(28.23): The young Pob rises again as he goes against his former team CLG.  I’ve never been one to believe in revenge games and I still don’t but disregarding the fact that he is facing his former team Pobelter is poised for a great game.  He is in the upper tier for consistency and average and his match up is only slightly harder than average.  I think Immortals will win this game on the back of their incredible team fighting which means a lot of K/As for Pobelter.

Team- Renegades: Going along with my Freeze pick, I think even with Hai shotcalling Cloud 9 is vulnerable and I can see Renegades putting up a decent fight if not winning.  I started this season picking the cheapest team with a good chance to win and the last two days I have moved to super cheap teams with a chance to upset, Renegades fits that mold perfectly.