NA LCS Week 4 Day 2

NA LCS Week 4 Day 1 Optimal Lineup

Draftkings Scoring(3 PPK, -1 PPD, 2PPA, .02 PPCS)

Top: Feng(22.59): Impulse looked surprisingly good today, I think most of us underestimated what there actual roster could do when they were finally together.  Feng may not be as good as Seraph but they seem to at least have decent synergy and game planning with him.  He is very cheap and I think it’s a good value play going against CLG who is an alright match up for top laners.  My two fears are CLG’s incredible lane swapping which puts top laners behind and if Feng’s success was due to being on Graves which, as a more experienced ADC main, was very comfortable.  I don’t think CLG will ban Feng out and I see TiP playing CLG pretty close so for 5,300 Feng should get his money’s worth.

Jungle: Dardoch(22.98): Toughest match-up this young jungler has seen but I don’t see him completely rolling over.  He is incredibly smart and does not shy away in the face of adversity.   The biggest selling point is his salary.  His salary plummeted due to this match up and I don’t think Liquid is getting enough credit.  At 5,000 Dardoch is a good value buy and will probably perform well above other similarly priced junglers.

Mid: Bjergsen(25.17): We will all forever remember the NRG 18-0 but it doesn’t scare me away from Bjergsen.  He is still insanely talented and TSM has a perfect match up against Renegades.  Despite losing fast to just about every team they play they still allow opposing mid laners to score just under 30 ppg and perform 4.23% above their average.  RNG got behind super fast to C9 with a few bad plays, I expect TSM to actually be slightly more hesitant than C9 when closing this game out and RNG will “stay in it” long enough for the Bjerger King to get his fair share of kills.  It was a tough decision between Huhi, GBM and Bjergsen.  My decision was made seeing that GBM is playing C9 who gives up only 18.16 on average to enemy mid laners and that Huhi is playing TiP who with the fluctuating roster is slightly hard to predict.  They have gave up some massive games but also held some good players quite low.  I trust Bjergsen against RNG more than I do Huhi against TiP.

ADC: Wildturtle(35.28): High price but still one of the best values you can buy.  Until his price hits 9,000 or Immortals shows some flaws Wildturtle is a must start.  Liquid is playing very good right now but they still give up points.  They allow ADCs to perform 5.40% better than their average and give up 27.28 ppg to opposing ADCs.

Support: Adrian(23.93): Only a few hundred higher than the other supports and he is still playing incredible, Adrian is an easy pick here playing along side Turtle.  Not a great match up as TL seems to hold supports slightly closer to their averages but in a game Immortals will most likely win and he will stack with Wildturtle kills Adrian should put up plenty to be worth his reasonable salary.

Flex: Altec(28.55): C9 is playing better but this leads me to believe this could be a close and long game.  NRG plays bloody games and Altec is a super high scoring ADC, slightly inconsistent but should be worth the 7,500 as C9 gives up 21.22 ppg to opposing ADCs.  I predict Altec will eclipse this and get close to breaking 30.

Flex: Fenix(25.00): I chose Fenix for similar reasons as Dardoch, I think TL can play Immortals much closer than expected and having Fenix priced this low is a good chance to get great value out of this solid mid laner.  He has a CV of .30 and one of the few players in the whole league to average over 30 pts.  I don’t expect Liquid players to get their average scores but even if they are held 10% lower(which Immortals does to mid laners and junglers) they will still earn their keep at these prices.

Team: Team Impulse: Cheapest team that I think can pull off a win.  They took 5 towers and 3 dragons in a loss to NRG today and I think NRG is a step above CLG.  Hopefully TiP can come out swinging today as they did yesterday and put up some solid points even if they lose to CLG.