NA LCS Week 5 Day 1

NA LCS Week 5 Day 1

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Assist, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)

Disclaimer: This is not a lineup, these are highest projected and best value players. If you have money to spend look to the highest projected, if you have to save money somewhere look at the best value.  If you are having trouble filling that last plug and play spot look at the personal favorites.

Top 5 Projected

  1. Pobelter(28.46)
  2. Wildturtle(27.64)
  3. Keith(27.08)
  4. Bjergsen(26.93)
  5. Reignover(26.40)

Top 5 Value Picks(DPP)

  1. Dardoch(250.7)
  2. Feng(251.0)
  3. Piglet(263.1)
  4. Procxin(267.1)
  5. Gate(267.2)

Top 5 Personal Picks

  1. Dardoch- Value aside I still think he is insanely talented. They were in that Immortals game until they let one team fight drag on a little too long and Immortals just punished them ruthlessly for it and they weren’t able to recover. C9 has been playing better but I  think TL is still the more talented team and Dardoch should return to form against them this week.
  2. Pobelter- Super expensive but insanely consistent.  He averages 3 ppg less than Turtle but has a much better match up by position. Dignitas has been good at holding back enemy ADCs and I think with both Turtle and Pob being priced the same Pobelter is the better option against Dignitas.  A CV of .28, an average of 28.60 and an opponent that allows almost 25 ppg to mid laners.  Pobelter is my favorite mid this week.
  3. Bjergsen- I don’t see TSM improving enough to win this game cleanly but I do predict they will win.  Expecting a sloppier game that they would hope, as TiP loves to play fast and out of control.  He is no longer the reliable, match up proof mid laner we used to know but he is still one of the best and expect him to prove it this week against TiP.  Hoping for him to break 30 but even at mid to upper 20s he holds good value.
  4. Keith- He is a wildcard but when a wildcard faces Renegades I’ll always bet they catch fire.  Literally every ADC to face Renegades has scored over 30 pts and one scored 61.  EF has it’s real roster returning and this is the perfect match up to reignite the hype.  Keith brings in a ridiculous 25.66% of his teams fantasy points and I think there will be plenty to be had this game.
  5. Stixxay- I’m not the biggest fan of him as a player, he seems a little too timid and not quick to take action but I can’t argue with his results.  He has a good match up this week and I think both CLG and NRG are looking for a win against the other “just below top tier” so they will come out swinging.  Stixxay takes down a respectable 22.98% of his teams Fpts and boasts a solid average of 25.32.  I’m hoping for a sneaky good day for Stixxay against NRG who is a soft match up for opposing ADCs.  He is modestly price and I see him being pretty reliable with a chance for some nice upside.  Though if you fear the Zilean tilt, steer clear.