NA LCS Week 5 Day 2

NA LCS Week 5 Day 2

Scoring: Draftkings(3 Points Per Kill, 2 Points Per Assist, -1 Points Per Death, .02 Points Per Creep Score)

Disclaimer: This is not a lineup, these are highest projected and best value players. If you have money to spend look to the highest projected, if you have to save money somewhere look at the best value.  If you are having trouble filling that last plug and play spot look at the personal favorites.

Top 5 Projected Players

  1. Piglet(33.46)
  2. Fenix(30.81)
  3. Stixxay(27.53)
  4. Wildturtle(25.89)
  5. Dardoch(25.70)

Top 5 Value Players

  1. Piglet(236.1)
  2. Fenix(256.4)
  3. Stixxay(261.5)
  4. Dardoch(264.6)
  5. Freeze(266.5)

Top 5 Personal Favorties

  1. Piglet- Yes he is on all three lists, Renegades is bad against ADCs.  Yesterday was the first time an ADC scored less than 30 fantasy points against them.  I think Liquid bounces back and Piglet has a field day.
  2. Matt- I like Matt despite the stats, he has  pretty low average but I can’t see Liquid stomping Renegades without him being part of it.  He is cheap and I think his projection is low today so I can see him being a great value pick.
  3. Keith- Similar to yesterday Keith is a wildcard but Echo Fox looked like a team against Renegades and I think they have a decent chance against TiP.  Keith is a talented player and NRG allows just about 27 fppg to opposing ADCs.  For 6,000 I likes Keith’s chances to put up decent points today on a day where every favored team is high priced.
  4. Reignover- C9 is the second lowest deaths per game while Immortals is the highest kills per game.  I think today’s match up should find a happy medium and it should be a good game.  C9 looks better each day and I think they have a decent chance today against Immortals.  That being said I like Reignover because he is still the most consistent player in the league and is modestly price because of the match up.  Immortals are expensive but I think Reignover is a good buy in the jungle slot.
  5. Doublelift- TSM is starting to look like a team of sorts.  They put up solid numbers against CLG last time and I feel as though TSM has progressed more than CLG.  Dlift will be super hyped for this game because he does not want to lose to his former team twice in one season.  This game will be fun and if it’s anything like last time it will be a blood bath and I think Doublelift will be a big part of it.  Don’t expect a clean score but just some solid fantasy points for 7,200.