NA LCS Week 6 Day 1

Daily lineup suggestions will be post ~12 hours before game time. Remember to check out the projections and use the Dollars Per Point values to help make decisions!


Draftking’s Scoring(3 PPK, -1 PPD, 2 PPD, .02 PPCS)


Top 5 Projected Players

Player Position Team Opponent Average CV Salary OpPerAvg %TeamPts Pts Against Proj DPP
WildTurtle ADC IMT RNG 32.24 0.41 8,600.00 12.44% 22.20% 37.09 37.46 229.6
Pobelter MID IMT RNG 29.10 0.34 8,500.00 7.88% 20.48% 31.67 32.03 265.3
Reignover JNG IMT RNG 28.01 0.18 7,400.00 5.44% 19.86% 25.04 28.79 257.1
Huni TOP IMT RNG 24.72 0.24 7,700.00 7.74% 17.94% 27.30 27.27 282.3
FeniX MID TL EF 27.25 0.37 7,800.00 0.22% 21.91% 23.28 26.31 296.4

Top 5 Value Picks

Note: I am excluding IMT from the value picks as they are so highly projected that they are also the best value but we all know they’re very hard to afford.  Here are the best value picks other than Immortals players.

Player Position Team Opponent Average CV Salary OpPerAvg %TeamPts Pts Against Proj DPP
Shiphtur MID DIG NRG 22.37 0.68 6,200.00 3.36% 23.37% 26.11 24.05 257.75
KiWiKiD SUP DIG NRG 14.38 0.82 4,400.00 3.90% 16.40% 19.55 16.24 271.00
Hai SUP C9 TSM 16.27 0.57 4,900.00 3.57% 16.56% 19.02 17.54 279.34
Rush JNG C9 TSM 20.01 0.40 5,700.00 1.95% 19.62% 19.92 20.38 279.70
Sneaky ADC C9 TSM 22.51 0.49 6,900.00 3.30% 21.54% 26.76 24.31 283.79

Top 5 Personal Favorites

Shiphtur- It’s tough having faith in Dignitas but NRG has been sliding.  They clearly have issues and now there are rumors of Moon possibly leaving.  As a team Dignitas is inconsistent but I think the match up is pretty soft and his salary is quite low.  He’s a decent plug if you can’t quite fit the 4:4/3:5 stack you want(I.E. IMT/C9).  All this on top of the fact that he put up 43 on them last time they played.

Fenix- He’s very consistent, decent match up, modestly priced.  We all saw FOX step up last weekend and I think this should be a good game but I don’t believe Echo Fox is ready to take down Liquid so I see a relatively close game but a win for TL with a good chance Fenix is a large part of that.

Reignover- His consistency is amazing, with a CV of .18 you can pretty much expect a 25-35 point game with extreme confidence.  He’s expensive but if I’m spending money on IMT I’m not getting away from Reignover.

Kirei- If we know about the rumors then Dignitas definitely knows about the rumors.  I expect Kirei and Dig to do their best to disrupt Moon which means I expect Kirei to be on a champ that is aggresive early game.  I think this could lead to a solid game out of a jungler priced at only 5,200.

Keith- Liquid is talented and I believe they are favored in this match up but Liquid also gives up points even when they win.  I expect Echo Fox to put up a fight and Keith has played well as of late, for 6,400 I think Keith is a good buy. He should break 20 and hopefully get closer to the 25-30 range.

Top Projected 3:4 Stack