NA Daily Statistics and Projections

Here you will find a variety of Google Spreadsheets providing different stats. The RAW sheet provides raw fantasy point stats for each player on each day. Each of the 5 position sheets provide the opponent they faced and how each team fairs against specific positions. The most important sheet is ProjDPP which is where you find the product of all these stats working together. DPP or Dollars Per Point is essentially how much you are paying per projected point which is very important when creating salary based fantasy rosters. Note that if you aren’t close to maxing out your salary then you probably aren’t maximizing your points. These stats are not guaranteed wins, the smartest way to play with these stats are sticking to 50/50s and Double Ups because you will be playing the averages. I also recommend making multiple entries going heavy on different teams as you will find there will be a few strong stacks per week. The other stat to pay attention to that has no interaction with the DPP is the CV or coefficient of variation, this is a measure of how consistent a player is, the lower the CV the more consistent and trustworthy a player should be.