Sponsorship Portal

Unique sponsorship opportunity for the next level of social media platforms, Discord.gg. Exposure to 12,000+ SPORTS BETTING users, 1000+ active total daily users. Checkout the server here.

What is Discord.gg? Discord is a massive voice and text platform. It’s accessible via web browser, Windows application, iOS, and Android. Servers are hosted and are broken down into channels. Bots can be run on the server to manage chat, manage web feeds, and link helpful information. Below are some features that your sponsorship will include.


Base Sponsorship – 50$/month (bitcoin only)

  • Listing in Sites and Guides channel
  • Twitter or RSS feed in #twitter-feed channel

Listing in Sites and Guides channel: The Sites and Guides channel is kept up by the Discord staff. Websites will be listed in the relevant sections. Custom emoji requests accepted (we can make an emoji of a picture you send and can put it next to your site.

Twitter or RSS Feed: Our bot will deliver your tweets directly to our #twitter-feed channel. The twitter-feed channel is hosted at the top of the server and has suggested twitter follows. All images, videos, and links will be transposed to the channel instantly. Instead of users having to open to twitter to get alerts, they’ll be able to browse the channel for updates on your site. Below is an example of where your tweets will be posted.

Base Plus Sponsorship – 150$/month (bitcoin only)

  • Listing in Sites and Guides channel+custom emoji in listing.
  • Twitter or RSS feed in #twitter-feed channel
  • Custom emoji becomes server wide (users can use it in their daily chat)
  • Banner image added below website in Sites and Guides channel

Banner added: We can use your graphic or we can create something for you.

Custom emoji: We can create a custom emoji for you that users will be able to use server wide.


Partner Sponsorship – 500$/month (bitcoin only)

  • Everything above
  • Private Discord channel managed by us.
  • Allow access to your site members only or allow it to be public
  • Fully moderated
  • Contest, games, trivia can be run by Discord staff
  • Your twitter feed will be added
  • Any promotions/news can be pinned to the top of the channel (easy to email us anything you want and we’ll add it)
  • Basic support can be provided for your site by us
  • Anything else you request for the channel, we can get creative.
  • Email esportsbettor@gmail.com with inquiries/questions.